Monday, September 24, 2012


Friends and Family it's FINALLY happened! No no, the construction continues and has become so horrible we now have two apartments! Can you believe it? They have taken so much of our living space and plan to do so for "two more weeks" (yeah, right) that we can't live there anymore so they have put us up in a second apartment that is across the hall until the end of construction. It's a large studio but let me tell you, it's HUGE compared to where we are now in the plastic bag. It's so sunny and has windows and we opened those windows and breathed fresh air! It's magnificent.
As you can imagine, my first thought was SEWING. I focused first on making sure that the hubby and cat would be comfortable. It would be a little rude to just start sewing in a brand new apartment with no regard for a sofa or bed. On Friday after work I went straight to the fabric shop in Ballard and then immediately to the storage unit.
Buh, buh, buuuuuhhh (sung ominously)...
What a mess! I spent an hour un-packing the unit, searching every box in detail, re-packing the unit and hauling sewing gold down to the car.
All sewing goods were loaded with glee onto a rolling dolly and into the freight elevator.

Then I, with slight difficulty, loaded my car. It barely fit the length of that table. But I did it all myself! Super strong woman (I paid for that later).

I then did the "right thing" and left it all in my car until I had a fully functioning new apartment. The benefit of this new apartment? We aren't moving everything over here, meaning we have a massive apartment for storage only (/moped garage) and an apartment for living. This means we are minimalist and I LOVE it! I have a huge sewing space this way. The biggest thing is that we left all of our clothes over in Apartment #1. So last night before bed we went "shopping," as the hubby termed it, to get clothes for work this morning.

But enough about the move, what about the quilting?!! Of course, how dare I dawdle.
I started a new quilt (duh!) with some crazy retro feeling fabric. The fabric almost feels like vintage sheet patterns. I'm in love. I went to the fabric shop looking for deep purples and rich turquoise but fell in love with these. You know how it goes. The Seattle Modern Quilt Guild (SMQG) is having a star quilt along where everyone works on the same timeline but on their own star themed quilt of any size. I decided my office needed a little love and have made a wall hanging size design.

See that lazy bones back on the bed there? She was exhausted/stressed from the move and slept most of Saturday while I cut fabric. Which was fine with me because yesterday she wanted to be a part of everything.

Here's the quilt breakdown. I actually saw the quilt in a series of Flickr pictures and had to have it. So I stared at it for awhile and then using Excel and Paint on the computer broke it down in to a pattern and size I could handle. I may have misjudged the finished size due to a slight HST miscalculation (oops!) but it just ends up being bigger so I'll have to rummage through my stash to supplement the backing. No problem.

As you can see my little orange helper was more a nuisance than a helper, per the usual. The piecing continues this week! Quilting starts in October during the SMQG Sew-In. How exciting! I'm right on schedule.
This weekend I'm headed to Portland/McMinnville/Gaston to visit Baby Cousin for the first time and gift her her quilt and sweater. I will also being sitting in the stands knitting my socks while watching the hubby race mopeds on the track. It should be a very interesting weekend.
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Knitting Abandon & Rumors of Normalcy

Hello Everyone! I know. That is a shameless attempt at working a cat picture into this post. I'd say forgive me, but look how adorable she is! I couldn't help myself. Summer is slowing down here and people are prepping for fall. The weather is just gorgeous! I recently had the parents and brother in town for a long weekend which was truly amazing. (Dad had the audacity to say that this blog was an excuse to put up cat pictures. I could only fake hurt for so long, it's kinda true). Besides just spending time together, my favorite thing was when we went to the new Chihuly Exhibit down in Seattle Center right next to the Space Needle. For those who don't know Dale Chihuly is a blown-glass artist originally from the Pacific Northwest. He still resides here in Seattle and is occasionally spotted down in Pioneer Square at his favorite coffee shop. Here is just a peek at the amazing inspiration from that day; and remember, this is all blown glass:

This last one is a perfect homage to the Pacific Northwest. I just love it! Plus, you can't go wrong with all those bright colors. As you know, I am a sucker for bright and bold colors, to the chagrin of a few people I can name (aka Grandma and my husband). I get a little carried away sometimes, I know, I know. I just love color!
On the subject of crafting we are still in construction-mode although I've heard rumors of just two more weeks until semi-normal. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but oh man, two more weeks until I get my sewing table back?! I'm secretly ecstatic. In lieu of a sewing table I have been knitting like a crazy person. First off, I finally finished that baby sweater for Baby Cousin.
There are a lot of mistakes, but I think well hidden enough that it's not that big of a deal. Or, it won't be a big deal until the cousins have had some time to really look it over and by then, I will be gone, haha. That pattern was a dousey and I will never do it again. The yoke, however, is my ultimate favorite part.
Upon immediately finishing that sweater I began knitting a pair socks for myself for the upcoming winter months. Now why did that sweater take me so long? I have cranked out the below sock in like 4 days. Ridiculous!
I guess that's just showing that I am inspired and ready to get back to full fledged quilting again. While knitting and wishing to quilt I have been binging on blogs and have many ideas for new quilts/placemats/wall hangings/you name it. The socks will continue and hopefully you'll get some fabric cutting news soon. I already know where I want to start.
Happy Crafting!