Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swoon Finished!

Well, the Swoon King is FINALLY done! Took me long enough right? In my defense, my shoulders ached from quilting this. I decided to give up on some fancy it-would-take-me-a-year quilting design and go for a good ol' squiggly meandering swirl. I mapped out the "how-to" in my head and went to work! It took me four good days of quilting to finish it, but I can tell you, when it came time to do the binding I was THRILLED!

It fits on the bed so well! I may even be able to cheat that up a bit and work some pillow magic below the top row of stars.

You can also see that someone is OBSESSED! 

I spent one afternoon quilting, a huge pile of quilt on the table running out of the machine. I walked away and looked for the cat but couldn't find her anywhere! I called and called for her, then started to panic a bit. Well, I finally found her, buried in the quilt on the table. She didn't even come to bed that night, she would not get out of that quilt. Since it's been washed and dried and put on the bed in hopes that spring weather will make us shed our comforter for something more quilt-y, she has slept only on the quilt. I guess it's a testament to my work. This is one quilting cat.

A quick close up of the mixed quilting design I used since I started with some straight line groupings and then just meandered all over it. I kind of love it.

Now, should I make some pillow shams?

A new lap quilt is cut and ready for sewing and a coworker has a baby on the way! It's been awhile since baby quilting so I'm excited to start a new one. Compared to this monster, baby quilts are a breeze! Now off to the fabric shop!

Happy Crafting!