Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Happy (Warm) Husband

The Problem: Below you will see a picture of the hubby's "neck warmer" while riding mopeds in the cold, winter rain of Seattle every Monday night. He recently started complaining about it slipping up out of his jacket and exposing his neck, leaving a crack in his otherwise impenetrable wall of thermals and rain gear.

The Solution: Throw your weight around in reminder to your wife (ie me) that you should benefit every once in awhile from the sewing machine that you purchased for her in celebration of your wedding. Well, shucks, how can you compete with that? Hence my solution:

This was a VERY simple project, which I emphasized, but the hubby remained impressed. I basically just went and bought your standard fleece, in black because God forbid we change the color! Haha. I also got some velcro and some bias tape for a quick binding.

First things first, I pinned out the current neck wrap so I could get the shape off of the top. This one fit perfectly, it just wasn't long enough. Why waste a good thing?

I then trimmed around it, had him try it on. He showed me how long he wanted it in the front. I marked it, traced the bottom shape to that length, ran bias tape around the edges and whallah! A brand new, non-exposing neck warmer for the hubby!

Not too shabby! Fusible velcro did the trick and he just kept saying the whole time, "it looks so professional!" Ah, the pleasures of bias tape.

That's one happy hubby!

To thank me for my services he kindly lubricated my ironing board, which now squeaks no more!

Oh yeah, and this furry little one was no where to be found, because Seattle has just started to see some sun. She found the one sun spot in the whole apartment and I found her belly-up! See the look of shame at being caught? :) 

The Swoon-ing continues! It's taken me awhile to get back in to the swing of things of sewing in our old apartment again. I forsee a very sewing filled weekend.

Happy Crafting!