Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swoon #4 & #5

Neti found a spot on the previously made Swoon stars whilst I spent an afternoon on some new ones.
Swoon #4- Finished!

Swoon #5- Finished!

I have to say, these two may be my favorite! Not much to say, just trucking along. It was a good lazy weekend spent doing chores and sewing. Looking forward to a week with a friend from Portland! Tori is coming to visit and we have a Bainbridge trip in mind. What do I need new fabric/yarn for, you ask? I'm not sure yet either.
Swoon Count: 5/16 Finished!
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sidetracked with SMQG Challenges

I finished quilting my Madrona Road challenge table runner! Yay! The instant it was out of the drier, look who came searching for a warm, quilted spot. I finished binding just in time for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild monthly meeting.

Here it is! All smoothed out. Notice the paws? She couldn't keep away from it! I now have it placed on the coffee table, which I assume will be Neti's favorite lounging spot for the next few days.

Here's a close-up of the quilting. Notice the leaves in the negative space and the pebbles on the prints. I LOVE quilting the pebbles, but man do they eat thread!

The backing is my favorite! Super love it.

Along with the show and tell of the Madrona Road Challenge we also had a nametag challenge due. Here's mine! I LOVE it! I will proudly wear this for all of our meetings and sew-ins. It's definitely me.

The best part of the meeting was seeing everyone else's nametags. Look at the creativity in this group!! Some of these I never would of thought of doing.
Although sidetracked from the Swoon due to these few challenges (and an amazing vacation with the sister and Grandma), I'm now back on track with a few more blocks in sight. Last night at the meeting, one of the ladies brought her finished king size quilt and it spurred me to get going! LOVE these meetings, if only for the kick-in-the-pants-motivation they give me.
Happy Crafting!