Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome the Little One

Long time no post! I have been feeling a little un-inspired lately. I've been working on some simple knits, like new dishtowels for washing dishes, but nothing too exciting. The brother came to visit and I spent over a week away from the Bernina (le sigh). I just recently got the spark and have been itching to spend an afternoon sewing when I received this:

This is Baby FM! You may remember hearing about this little guy here and here. See his knits?! The hat and legwarmers were made by yours truly! I'm so glad his mom is enjoying them! She sent a note along with the picture telling me that the legwarmers make diaper changing a cinch and he's worn them everyday. :) How exciting!!

I just wanted to check in and share the love. Everyone loves babies. Baby FM was born last Wednesday so this picture makes him only 4 days old!! Love it! More updates soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rich in Fabric

Thanks to everyone for the amazingly nice comments about the OBW! I loved making it and am having even more fun showing it off to friends. Neti thinks it's hers now and spends the evenings curled up on it. It is now successfully covered in cat hair.

Since then I have been having some trouble getting inspired for the next project. This is ironic seeing as I am all of a sudden rich in fabric! Look at all of this!

That's four projects right there! WOWZA! Gotta love birthdays. My dad put it best, "When you have a hobby as apparent as yours, everyone knows what to get you." Well said. Thanks to Mom & Dad and the hubby for restocking me!

In my lack of desire to start a new quilt I turned to knitting. I have a coworker who is pregnant (due this Friday!) and with little stamina for a large project I found that using up some baby yarn was the best choice of action. So I asked if she wanted anything. You know what she told me? Baby legwarmers.

Baby legwarmers?! I burst out laughing. Are you kidding me?! But no, they do exist. Apparently they are super popular because it's easy to add that extra layer of warmth to baby without having to overdress for diaper changing difficulty. Interesting. So I found a pattern...

I also asked her if she had those little mittens that babies wear to keep from scratching their sweet little faces. She said no and I said... hold on a minute. Then I found a pattern...

With a few knitting completed projects under my belt and my coworker inundated with homemade knits I went back to fabric. Here's a rundown of the future quilts you'll get a peak at:

This is the kit I'm working on now. It's been hiding in a closet for about two years and I figure it's a fast build so I should just do it already! The goal is to hang it on my wall at work. LOVE the colors! It's a great geometric build, rectangles and circles, in alternating solids and prints. Pretty much perfection.

Next, a bonafide Hawaiian kit (thanks Mom & Dad!). Look at those batiks! Our dryer quit on us otherwise I would definitely have started this one first. I am crazy about the colors albeit a little daunted by the pattern.

And then there is the Moda charm pack in the picture up top of the 30's Playtime (thanks hubby!). I am just planning on cranking that one out as a quilt of HST. So many options on layout! Zigzag? HST's poining up? Down? I couldn't decide so I set it aside for a bit.

And then I started cutting fabric...

I'm hoping to work on it a bit this weekend when my brother is in town!!! SO EXCITED to see him.

Happy Crafting!