Sunday, July 3, 2011

Table Numbers Project + Yoga Sweater Project

I FINISHED! I love finishing projects and just standing back to look at them. This one is especially exciting because I officially am over doing handwork for awhile. I'm ready for a sewing project. With the wedding a mere five weeks away and counting and with a July schedule filling up to ensure everything is finished in time I am happy to have these finished. So again in case you think I'm crazy these are the table numbers for the wedding. Each one is a different fabric all hand-trimmed in light pink embroidery floss in a simple hand stitch. I made 13, hoping I have no more tables than just that. I have some extras waiting in the wings but figured this should be enough. Otherwise (Maid of Honor Devon) we will be whipping some out just before the wedding. 

Behold the work of my hands! All 13 lined up for show.

And of course Neti had to get involved, as she usually does. Really I think she just likes to chew on the strand of my camera wristlet. Regadless, I think she approves of my handiwork (haha, get it?! I made them by hand?!)

So now that I'm finished with the Table Numbers Project I needed to move on to a new one. I recently had a friend who just had a baby and I will be meeting sweet little Liam for the first time at Christmas. He'll be a whole six months old by then but I figure he should have a properly quilted baby blanket. And I'm in the mood for a sewing project. My last quilt project was such a long time ago I figured I should start a new one. I NEED one. Do you ever get that feeling? I want to piece and block and quilt. (le sigh)

So I have been geeking out on Moda Bakeshop's blog. It's AMAZING (and free). And I found two baby quilt ideas. Two you ask? Well, my dearest friend Becky just called me yesterday to let me know she's pregnant!! Well, since I'm making one for Liam I should make one for her's too, right? Plus, I figure since I have 9 months I should may as well tack on a baby sweater and hat and booties that are knit. But the wedding is coming up!!! Plus I am having major problems finding the Charm Packs and Layer Cakes needed for those quilts. I've gone to three quilt shops and come up with zilch. So I grabbed an old knit project I haven't touched in ages, due to being derailed by wedding projects and worked my way through it. Plus, I kinda want to wear it already. Here's what it will look like once finished (p.s. I am not making the leg warmers, it's not the 80's anymore).

Tools: Yarn (Premier Yarns Serenity Sport Weight)- 4 skeins- Cafe au Lait colorway
          Needles (size 10 and 11 to fit the needed gauge with this yarn)
          Scissors and Patience

The pattern is wicked easy and I pulled it for free off of Ravelry. If you are a knitter and you are not on Ravelry you are a crazy person! It's amazing!! Plus, I get to keep track of what I'm working on and some yarn shops are so nice that they let you get on your Ravelry account in the store to make sure you have the needles you need for your newest project. So last night while watching an Austrailan horror movie called The Tunnel (really good and really scary) I finished the back panel. Below is the look.

And of course Neti had to try it out. So while I'm searching for fabric for the baby quilts and awaiting the fast approaching wedding date I will only dream of quilting. Let me tell you when I get back from our honeymoon I'm going to have those quilts finished so fast your head will spin! That's how bad I want to sew right now.

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