Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's a BERNINA!!!

It has been WAY too long since the last post, but as you all know I was getting married and that takes time. So now I am a Mrs. and to go along with the new status my amazing husband surprised me with a wedding gift: a brand new BERNINA 440QE!!!!!!!

I'm not sure you all really realize how ecstatic I am. This is just a dream come true. Now, I loved my sewing machine. Mostly because I had a sewing machine, but a Bernina is one of those drool starters. I dreamed of Bernina. And now I am blessed with one! I picked it up on Friday after work and immediately came home and unwrapped it. This was the first glance into the huge box.

It looks like I've got some reading to do!

And once I got through all of the literature (meaning I just glanced at it and chucked it aside) this was the beauty tucked away inside...

Bernina 440QE (Quilters Edition)

Matt (my husband) came home to me sitting on the floor surrounded by Bernina boxes, styrofoam, and other paraphernalia. I was completely mature and pulled everything out but was so intimidated before turning it on that I read the ENTIRE user manual before even plugging it in. I am officially an expert. And you can see that Neti was also excited to have a new machine!

Neti <3 Bernina

But the biggest bonus was the inclusion of the BSR for free motion quilting. It allows for you to control the speed the machine quilts while maintaining evenly sized and spaced stitches, no matter how many stops and starts and zigs and zags you throw at it! I cannot wait to use this! Good thing I have a project in the works.

BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator)

Thank you, Matt, for the best wedding present a quilter could ask for! And now for projects galore!

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  1. I am so jealous of your machine! It's so pretty and fancy!!! and I love the expression on your kitty's face in that picture!