Thursday, January 2, 2014

And We're Back!

Finally! It's been forever. I took a major break from quilting/sewing and focused on house hunting, which led to heartache. To soothe said heartache I am now back with a vengence! Also, the cooling and cloudy weather is helping me back in to the groove of things. I started off with something small made from scraps I had around.
This all started when I re-decorated our living room area. I got a new glass top coffee table that looked oh-so-bare and remote controls made oh-such-a-clatter. It needed a mini-quilt. So I pulled out my Farmer's Wife Sampler book and picked a block I knew I could deconstruct. I figured I'd want a 12" x 12" square and worked it out from there.
Someone else was VERY excited that I was rummaging in fabric again and was glad to be a part of the action. Within two hours I had this:
Super simple quilting with a ton of impact. I am crazy about the color/fabric combos. This has to be one of my most favorite things I've made. Which of course spurned my need to make more.
I quickly decided, oh, I have a baby shower coming up in two weeks, let's make a baby quilt.
Again, sweet Neti's enthusiasm for quilting was just as high as mine.
I found a quilt pattern online that I liked, but I hated their color motif. Not to worry! I quickly deconstructed the pattern again for a small crib size quilt (each patchwork square is 2" x 2").
Wham bahm and done! It took me one day to cut and piece and one day to quilt and bind. Holy cow that was fast! I used four different quilting patterns, mostly due to boredom. A blasé quilt pattern turned bananas once all that grey thread was quilted in. It's crazy busy now and I'm super loving it.

I used swirls and pebbles intermixed for the bottom of the quilt.

Bowing squares and squiggles for the center along with some florets (I'm totally making up these words by the way, no technical terms here).

And leaves for the top. I hope no one thinks those are flames. I thought about that about half way through quilting. Oh well, I did not intend for the giraffes to be on fire, just in a leafy jungle.

FINISHED! Giving it to the new mom this Saturday. Can't wait for her to unwrap it.
And these two pictures of Neti are just here for fun. She was pestering me during basting of the quilt and I couldn't decide which of these was cuter. :) You're welcome, Auntie Lou.  

I'm sure you're also wondering, hey, what happened to that Swoon? Well, I think it's too huge for me to manage so I'm going to see if I can outsource that quilting. The problem is I already started quilting it. Yikes! Here's hoping I can find someone to save the day!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. so happy to see the quilts again! you are so talented and dedicated. hope our quilting challenge goes well. you will probably finish in a day :/ no fair, no fair. love you!!