Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to the Land of Crafts!

Welcome! Living in Seattle with family in the Midwest and on the East Coast I have spent SO much time calling my sister and saying, "Guess what I'm working on right now?!" And explaining excitedly. The next day calling my mom and saying, "Guess what I'm working on right now?!" And then calling my Grandma (the Goddess of All Crafts) and doing the same. I figured they'd much rather see what I was working on and I would much rather talk about other things, like the upcoming wedding!! I'm getting married in August and the majority of my current projects are wedding focused- the veil, the table numbers, the escort cards, etc. 

I also felt the need to document how I go about the projects. It keeps me motivated and inspired to share ideas and actually sketch out a how-to on what I'm going to do in the creation of my newest project.

I hope that not only does this blog share my projects with my family and friends but also inspires some idea sharing and gives motivation for you to tackle your newest project. I have attached some recently finished crafts to give you an idea of what we're working with here and what you're likely to continue seeing.

First off... the T-shirt Blanket. I am a "fragile-feeling" individual (also know as empathetic to n-th degree) and have collected a huge assortment of t-shirts over the years that I just can't seem to get rid of. Nostalgia, you know. How can I get rid of the t-shirt my Dad got me commemorating the last game in Busch Stadium for the Cardinals? I can't! And the Harry's Chocolate Shop shirt from Purdue's oldest and most wonderful bar? No way! So, I came up with a solution. Cut them all up and turn them in to an irresistable blanket for lounging around? Then I can wear them all at once!!! BRILLIANT! It is, if I may say so, the most comfortable blanket ever made. 
 The t-shirt blanket.

And one of the most amazing quilts, a family favorite, is the crazy quilt. A scrap user allowing delicate hand-embroidery to shine and just beautify your scraps. I used all the fabric scraps I could snag from my Grandma's scrap tubs (yes, tubs) and turned them in to my craft bag. I find I like to craft with friends best so I needed a way to bring them along. This has been my trusty craft bag for the last 6 years! So it's holding up well.
 Crazy quilt craft bag

And then of course a queen sized quilt. My first OFFICIAL giant quilt. The pattern is called Shuffle the Deck and I made it using vintage repro patterns from the 60's.
 Shuffle the Deck

And now I will leave you with some knitting wonders. Enjoy!!

 One of many dishrags to use up my junk yarn.

 A WWII patterned hat for Matt

 A crocheted rag rug made out of Mom's old sheets.

 A faux cabled hat for a co-worker on Christmas.

My first pair of socks. LOVE this yarn!!!

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