Monday, May 30, 2011

Napkins For Home

So I have had this empty napkin holder for three years. At first it held napkins, but we used them all and then  I felt like it was a waste of money to spend on paper napkins. But my real motivation? I feel silly having it around, people didn't know what it was for! I became this ridiculous art piece in the apartment. So I decided to fill it with some cloth napkins I could just wash, iron, and replace!

By the way, my cat Neti, seen below, was not photo-oped at all. She really is this hardcore about crafts. I don't know what it is but she feels she must be a part of every step. When I'm not crafting she's sleeping on the bed or begging to play. But the minute I pull out that sewing machine she must be a part of every step. Kind of a like my overseer.
 Neti and the art piece/napkin holder

So first off, I went and got some tea cloth from Pacific Fabrics (the happiest place on earth). And realized I'm completely cheating because they were already seamed! So all I had to do was hem two sides of each napkin as opposed to four! Yay!
 For eight napkins I got four yards of fabric

So first off, I had to cut. Of the four yards I made each napkin 18 inches wide. Easy enough. Neti helped hold the fabric still. See? She's a great little helper.
 Slicing into individual napkins

Neti also made sure I had all of my tools ready to finish. She got tired of my focusing on the craft and wanted me to stop for pet break. I obliged. You've gotta take breaks, right?
 Neti sewing break

After everything was cut I headed to the iron to make sure I'd get smooth hems. I hate ironing so I usually don't iron my fabrics before I begin cutting unless it's wicked wrinkled. I'm pretty sure that's a sewing sin, but I'm ok with it.
 Ironing in the music room

I am a firm believer in pinning. Although tedious and potentially painful it's the smartest idea to get straight hems. Plus I got a really great matching of the pattern to wrap around on the hem.
 Pinned hems

And of course then it was just sewing. The tea cloth was much thicker so I used a 3.5 mm stitch so it wouldn't pucker or catch when I sew. It worked beautifully. I did have some trouble on the corners because they were so thick but I worked it out by sewing backwards to start and take care of that first corner and then moving forward again. This will really secure my corners so no unraveling is in my future!
Sewing the hems secure

After I got them all sewed they are done! So I threw them in the wash, ironed and used with my delicious dinner. I can't believe I finished the eight of them before dinner. Pretty perfect. I love them!
 They look great in action

And now I no longer have an art piece but a functional napkin holder. Well, I guess you could argue its art because I made them and they look great! A super easy project for an afternoon of rain and movies.
A home for the napkins

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  1. love the new blog! i'm pretty sure everyone with a successful craft blog has a cat. and the cat helps craft. that means you will surely be a success.