Monday, October 31, 2011

A Weekend of Knitting

I'm working on getting a care package together, a baby starter kit, if you will, for Baby Baker. You've seen the finished quilt but I wanted to throw in some other knit items for a well rounded gift. The Mrs. is one of my dearest friends and her first born deserves some Dina-lovin'! What do you think?

One of my favorite patterns is the WWII pattern hat we talked about in this post. The hubby also loves this pattern. I was able to take the pattern for an adult head and squish it down to the size of a newborn head. I haven't actually tried this out but it's pretty stretchy. I think it will fit perfectly. So in the Baby Baker Starter Kit (aka BBSK) I wanted to make sure that with a brand new baby quilt the Baker's got a hat to come from the hospital in, little booties to grow in to, and a sweater for warmth after his first growth spurt. Where's the sweater?! I haven't even started it yet.

I put the quarter in there so you could get some perspective. I could round this hat on my fist. It's so tiny!! And look at these teeny booties! They are so adorable!! I haven't been able to put the buttons yet as I don't have them so I just pinned down the straps for the photo's sake. I also think this project is giving the hubby some ideas. He has been swooning over these little items just a-gog that they are so tiny. He says I'll have 9 months of knitting for our (far-off future) child and he wants lots of booties. What I have started?!

So back to the sweater... the Mrs. is due early February so I figured I had plenty of time, but then I got the invitation to her shower and it's November 20th! That means I have like a week to make the sweater and another sweet little surprise. My hands are cramping just thinking about it and my Bernina is crying that I won't be using it. Or maybe I'm crying thinking about not being able to start my next quilt. All of the fabric is cut out and staged. Yes, it's me. I'm crying about it.

But I guess I can give the Bernina a rest, this is for a good cause. I've gotten some advice to send just the quilt and the knits later but I have this elaborate need to send them all. I can picture them all together in one box of love, wrapped in tissue with a note: 100% handmade by Dina. (le sigh)

I'm traveling down to Portland for work today and tomorrow and the knitting is packed. I'm imagining a night in the hotel knitting until bed. Room service anyone?

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