Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Afternoon Morale Boost

Well, I didn't make it. Last night I came back from seeing Saving Aimee (really entertaining, by the way!) and just crashed. I was too tired to baste my quilt. Let me take that back; I tried! At 12:30 am I said, "Hey Matt, I should baste my quilt" and he looked at me like I was crazy. I was too tired, it would have been a mess. But that means that it didn't get done. And of course you know the drama with the apartment lobby so I turned to a recent inspiration that would allow me to use up my scraps.

The Dresden Plate Star. I found this tutorial and was so inspired! I wanted to make one instantly. I have a lot of chopped up fat quarters left over from the wedding table numbers and rosettes that Devon and I made. So with Glee on the in the background I cut my fabric.

Matt spent the day in the music room and I spent the day at the sewing machine. I had a serious need to work out some stress at the Bernina. So we put on some music, mostly the band Home Videos (a new binge listen) and just worked away. Before I knew it I was ready to baste!

I wasn't totally sold on the fabric combination I chose, I mean, it's all I had but, once that yellow was rimmed around it they started to feel much more friendly. And of course, once the batting came out Neti made herself at home.

On to quilting! I used this little mini-quilt as a sampler for some different quilting ideas I had seen. Especially trying to get that stipple nailed down. So maybe it was a good thing that I had to push off the baby quilt knowing now that I got more practice. I felt SO much more comfortable with it too.

And whallah! Here's the final product.

And here's the back. The patterns hide the stipple really well so I thought I'd show off my progress. It was a blast to do!

While binding it I was mind-boggled that I finished this in an afternoon! Start to finish!!

I recently finished a book my dear friend Sara let me borrow. She is my number one crafting buddy. Our regular Sunday craft days have been put on hold due to her move to Illinois! :( Since I was planning on sending her back her book I figured maybe she needed a laptop quilt or maybe a bedside table quilt. You know, just something to add some color and let her know I'm missing her during my craft days.

I completely fell in love with this Dresden Star. It would make an amazing block quilt or even placemats. I'm working on some ideas. Tonight I WILL baste that quilt. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. The quilting looks amazing from the back!!!

  2. Your quilting on that little quilt is gorgeous!

  3. You did a fantastic job! And don't you just love a project that finishes in a day? Awesome. :o)

  4. I like the quilting you did around the outside to highlight the shape.

  5. I love it! Reminds me of some of grandma's work.

  6. What a lovely mini quilt! I found your blog from the link you added to the modern quilt guild. I'm new-ish to Seattle (been here since January) and am also a newlywed who loves quilty-crafty things. I'm planning on coming to the next quilt guild meeting. Do you know of any other craft things happening?


  7. Evie- I'm actually a newer member to the SQG as well! Besides that I'm a major home-body when it comes to crafting. The Quilting Loft does some awesome classes and Pacific Fabrics does a lot of sew-ins for Foster Kids quilting and knitting for the homeless. Hope to meet you at the next guild meeting!

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone!