Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Days!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now about all the crazy Seattle weather. Not only did it give me a chance to play in some snow but it gave me three days in a row off of work! Can you believe it? 2319 accidents says it all. Seattle is just not prepared for snow. No problem here though, three days off work and trapped in the apartment gave me three solid craft days! Let's get straight to it.

First off the cutest little hat! Look like a football? I hope so! I got a request from a coworker for a football knit cap after she saw a picture of one on a newborn decked out as a Seahawks fan. She is soon to have her own little Seahawks fan. Remember Baby F-M? It's been awhile, but more on that later...

And then the One Block Wonder. I finished all the piecing of the hexagons! Neti was with me through the entire process. I laid everything out on the floor to work through my finished look. I had some gorgeous teal pieces that I wanted centered, but I wanted it to look like it bled in from the bottom up to the center where the color pooled. Does that make sense? 

The piecing went pretty slowly, mostly because I couldn't keep straight which row I was on so instead of chaining (I had some confused moments) I had to do it one at a time, which increased my time, but I was able to be more exact.

Neti was so happy to have the hubby and I trapped at home during the snow/ice storm.

But she definitely caused some problems in keeping the growing quilt unwrinkled.

She super loves this quilt OR wants my attention.

The back looked crazy! I went through and trimmed all of the strings left over. I know with all of those seams quilting it is going to be tough.

Drumroll, please... TADAH!

I'm super proud of how it turned out. I can't wait to border it and get it quilted! But I'll have to venture out of the apartment to get that fabric. What do you think? Navy blue? Purple? Hunter Green? 

And finally the Baby F-M gift. Along with that cute football hat from above she has no idea she's getting these little add-on's. We have her baby shower at work this coming Friday and I can't wait to give her these!

Another little elephant. And a baby quilt similar to this one for Baby Baker. I actually had it finished awhile ago, as you can see by the finished border and quilting below. But the white quilting on the blue border just drove me crazy the longer I looked at it. So I sewed along the entire inside of the quilt and then seam ripped ALL of the border white out. It took forever and as you can see, my sweater took a beating.

But finally I finished! Quilted that border in blue and whallah! Done! And ready for the baby shower.

I made some matching booties and a hat and can't wait to give it to her! To be honest, I think this quilt turned out better than the Baby Baker quilt. The hubby says every quilt is practice for the next one so each one should get better. I guess he's right.

Today is day three of the snow days and that takes me straight in to the weekend! I have some other projects waiting in the wings if I can't get to the fabric store right away. I'll fill you in soon! This next one took some measuring of the cat. I'll leave you with that clue.

Happy Crafting!

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