Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to Normal

If we'd never moved in to a totally new apartment I would say we are back to normal! It still feels a little less like "home" but I think that's mostly because we don't have all of our stuff on the walls and we have no doors (well, except for the bathroom door, obviously).
I am LOVING my new sewing area. Neti and I are back to our regular routine, as you can see.

After a quick hiatus traveling to Mississippi for work I came back to a solid day of quilting. I attended the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild meeting which was GREAT, especially meeting some new ladies. I have decided to throw myself whole-heartedly into the group and learn some new things and meet some new people. I think it's going to be great! I left the meeting feeling inspired and spent the day finishing up the front of my star quilt, piecing the back of it, and basting!

I'd say I'm about 25% done with the quilting and that's probably being generous. I'm headed to Ohio for work tomorrow but I get to come home to my sister and her fiance waiting for me here in Seattle!!! I foresee a day of video games for the boys, knitting and quilting for the girls and Chicago deep dish impostor tastings for dinner. So excited!

Happy Crafting!

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