Monday, October 29, 2012

A Sister Weekend & A Weekend Alone

Between traveling for work the last two weekends have been magical for very separate reasons. First off, two weekends ago my sister visited!!! Also, my future brother-in-law (can't leave him out). You may remember quite awhile ago that I sent Devon this- a mini-quilt for her coffee table. Recently, Devon said it had a very fall vibe and requested three more, each reminiscent of a season she didn't already have. How could I say no to my sister?! We took advantage of her being here in Seattle to root through some scraps. I refuse to buy new fabric for mini-quilts.
Of course, Neti had to join in. She was in the middle of everything.

I think Devon had just as much fun burying the cat as picking out fabric for Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Sadly, it was a short weekend and Devon and Joe had to fly back to Chicago. Neti was tuckered after a weekend with family so she snuggled up on the basted star quilt which sat idle as I quickly obsessed over the mini-quilts.

Don't worry, this is NOT a spoiler alert. Devon saw each one, via phone, as they were created. She has not seen them quilted, which I will not spoil.

I made them rather methodically. Piecing each top, piecing each bottom, basting all three at the same time, and quilting at the same time. Devon, look how lucky you got on thread!

Well, all the mini-quilts are now FINISHED! That's right, Devon, FINISHED! All are labeled with love. Expect a package any day now. So as not to spoil the surprise I'm afraid I have to switch gears here. Pictures will follow once Devon opens them herself (I'm jealous of Winter and almost kept it).

This past weekend I was home alone for two solid days. The hubby went to Houston and spent time with his Uncle in a B-17. Yes, for real. I took advantage of the time and spent HOURS quilting. I left the apartment for two reasons: fabric shop & grocery store. I was tempted to start something new but that star quilt has been set aside for too long now. I manned up, put on Ugly Betty and quilted non-stop.

I went with, what I'll call, whirrly-gigs in all of the negative space and the star just contained a double seam line. I thought it would be more fun to quilt the negative space.

Neti loved all the crafting time, although I did have to walk away for a bit due to her insane need to sit on it. You can't quilt when a cat is sitting on it. Trust me. I've tried.

I just finished binding it and adding a D-sleeve (for hanging) last night at 7:30, just before I picked up the hubby from the airport. Talk about perfect timing! I am absolutely in love with the results. I think this is the best thing I've ever made.

A view from the back. I'm so glad I went with a solid back. Look at that quilting!!

I haven't even washed it yet! I plan to hang this one in my office at work. I need a little warmth in there and a reminder of my creative side to calm the science side. I should be hanging this baby tomorrow morning. Can't wait!!
Happy Crafting!


  1. This is a beautiful quilt. I could see it being very calming. Yay for your sister time. I got to spend a weekend helping my non-quilter sister make a quilt for her little boy and it was great fun. Especially so because soon after I moved very far away from all my sisters.

  2. Love your star quilt, and your quilting is fabulous!

  3. Ida- It's the best spending time with sisters. Especially sisters who love to craft! Thanks for complements, it's definitely wonderful having it in my office at work.

    Carol- Thank you so much! A new quilting pattern for me, but I figure it's time to start practicing new ones.

  4. Beautifully done and super cute kitty. :o)