Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Table Numbers Project

Every wedding has Table Numbers to ensure their guests get to the right place before the grubbing begins. I come from a family of antique dealers and crafters. An amazing combination, if I do say so myself. I wanted to make my table numbers and I wanted them special. I looked at a million different versions but none of them seemed right. Once cute idea was to have each table be a favorite Seattle spot of Matt's and mine. But I figured people would not be excited sitting at "Table Our Couch". But seriously, I find handwork very relaxing and have recently been in the mood. So, what's better than an homage to my family?  Like the finished product?
 Embroidered table numbers & rosette heart escort card markers

The little heart rosettes I made ages ago with the help of my amazing Maid of Honor/sister, Devon. They are made out of the same fabric as the numbers (which are all different). So along with a table number the escort cards will hold a rosette to match. I don't think too many people will notice but it's just one more detail I'm excited to make special.
 Table 1 and matching rosettes

Devon helped me pick out all of the fabrics to make the numbers and rosettes. They are a beautiful combination of antique prints, soft colors, and wedding color touches.

 Table number/rosette fabric fat quarters

FYI fat quarters were WAY too much fabric for this project. But it's given me some room for error. Just in case. Plus, as a crazy quilter scraps are treasured.

The embroidery hoops were also a stroke of genius. I was prepared to just go to Pacific Fabrics and purchase a few 4" hoops but I mentioned the project to my aunt, The Antique Dealer. She just happened to have 7 hoops of varying size & shape (varying size & shape?! why didn't I think of that?! adorable!) that she would love to send to me! And whallah! The rest came from Grandma and (Thank you, Auntie Lou!)

 Antique embroidery hoops

In order to size the fabric for numbers that would fit I just put them in the hoops I thought paired best (my favorite fabrics the biggest, of course) and trimmed.

 Fabric choices trimmed to size in the hoops

So now for each hoop a different sized number was needed. Easy! I just kept increasing the size of the font on my laptop. Once I got it to fit within the hoop...

... I placed the wrong side up fabric over the number. Make sure you're in dark lighting so you can easily see the number "glow" through the fabric. I then traced the numbers onto the fabric with a pencil. NOTE: Make sure you invert the numbers so they are backwards (easy to do in Paint). You are tracing on the wrong side of the fabric. The number "8" is symmetrical so I didn't have to worry about inverting this one.

Then cut out your number and make sure it fits!

I next grabbed a yard of muslin (slightly tweeded, my favorite) and trimmed to fit in the hoop. I like seeing the raw edges of the muslin so I didn't trim too closely so you can see the ruffle around the edges.

I love hand embroidering! I just used a simple traveling stitch to close the edges. So once pinned in place I just trace the numbers edges in a light pink embroidery floss.

And whallah! They look beautiful! But of course, you can see I just did number "8" so I have like eight more to make.

I'll keep you posted on the rest of the numbers as they develop. Hope you like them as much as I do. Plus, I was thinking after the wedding I should just box them up and save them for our first little one. Don't you think a row of numbers on the wall would be adorable in a baby's room? Learn to count! Made by Mom. But, I'm skipping ahead. Wedding first!

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