Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Introducing my wonderfully talented sister

Hi everyone! I have been on a craft hiatus due to an overwhelming amount of Matt's things everywhere since moving back home. I have some updates on the Table Numbers Project but wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my sister, Devon, as a new author!! We have an urban container gardening blog together, Sister's Gardens, and with the rest of our time we are craft fiends!

She is a registered dietician residing in Chicago who spends much more of her time building clothes than blankets, like me. She just got a brand new sewing machine (a traditional family graduation present) and you may remember her from my Chicago trip a few posts back. Now that she has graduated a ruthless program with Rush University she has more time to throw in to her sewing so I begged her to join me here and post her creations.

As sisters we share everything and she is my number one motivator as far as getting crafts finished and gushing about the process with. She's super talented and I'm happy to have her here! Welcome her with open arms (or eyes, since you're reading) and be ready to be amazed! I am not talented in the sewing clothes area so even I have something to learn. Enjoy!! And welcome, Devie!

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