Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sister's Inspiration Project

This weekend was my younger sister/best friend Devon graduated from Rush University in Chicago (yay, congrats!). I took her graduation as an excuse to have a long weekend in Chicago at her place so we could have a rare, much treasured "Craft Day" together. As kids we spent HOURS at Grandma's house watching old movies and knitting and sewing together. All the chatting, laughter, snacking, and idea sharing is such inspiration. Since I'm still chugging away on my table numbers project and a fair isle knitting tea cozy I figured I could use this week's post to share Devon's crafts, which inspired me to get home and sew! 

 Meet Devon, my sister

For graduation my sister got a brand new sewing machine. Family tradition, that's when I got mine, too. So we pulled it out so I could ooohh and ahhh at all its awesomeness.

 Devon's new Baby Lock

Devon is much more tailor-minded when it comes to crafts. I find I am too much of a rusher/scared of it not fitting. She is a champ. She got all these amazing patterns and was working on a skirt while I was there over the weekend.
Cut patterns and fabric for future projects

I recently took a class on Fair Isle knitting and since this is the easiest thing to do on a plane and to carry on a plane I took it to work on. I've shelved it for awhile due to the table numbers but it was awesome to have such a huge chunk of time to work on it. 
Scottish yarn and fair isle chart

Tea cozy bottom, side 1

Devon had so many patterns it was a huge inspiration! All I wanted to do was go home and sew!

Patterns and fabric galore!

It was amazing to the see the family and steal a craft day afternoon. Another trip coming up so not much on my front, but I think we'll get some amazing inspiration driving the coast of California, Oregon and Washington.

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