Monday, November 21, 2011

A Smattering of Projects

Tadah! The BBSK was completed, blocked, and sent with love! You can see the buttons made it on the booties and everything was packed up! I did a simple tissue paper wrapping with a purple ribbon to seal it up. I then took up way too much space inside a card detailing how baby-safe all the materials were. I know the package made it to VA on Nov 17th just two days before the shower! Whew! I made it! No feedback yet, but I'm so anxious to hear how she liked it. Below is just how I packed it. Pretty visual to open, huh?

And from afar, just before sealing it up. Neti helped, of course. She was sad I was taking away her soft little quilt. I feel like she deserves a quilt, but that's just crazy, right? ... Right?

I've had this fabric cut for the next Dresden Plate for awhile now and just needed the BBSK out of the way before I would allow myself to move on to other fun sewing. I got it all sewn together and the batting ready. Hopefully I can get it basted tonight and quilted for my darling sister by Thanksgiving. She's doing a huge favor of letting a million (slight over-exagerration) people come enjoy the holidays with us, so the least I can do is give her a mini-quilt. She deserves a big one. The mini will have to do for now. Don't think I haven't been imagining a big one for her. :)

And then there is my Saturday project. My brother just had a birthday! We are celebrating it together over the Thanksgiving weekend and he doesn't know it yet, but we all chipped in to get him a Kindle! Thank goodness he doesn't read my blog, ha! I found this great tutorial for an IPad case that I just loved. Anything with a zipper I'm a sucker for. So I got online, found the dimensions for the Kindle we purchased and shrunk the pattern. Needless to say I'm a little nervouse it's too small, but here's hoping! I haven't really played with Kindle's too much. I'm really relying on those technical info dimensions. I guess we'll find out this weekend. I can't wait to give this to him.

Super excited about the pocket being a different interior fabric. My brother is incredibly picky about his stuff. If he had it his way the whole case would have been black or navy blue with no fun. I like fun (obviously) so I had to work really hard to compromise on the fabric. I went with green, because who doesn't like green and not lime green either. He's gotta like that choice. Plus, all boys like robots, right? :) I love this Robot Factory line from Robert Kaufman. I allowed myself a little artistic flair with the inner pocket lining being very colorful. But it zips closed so he can get over it. It's all the gearing also from the same fabric line.

The big pocket for the Kindle itself isn't part of the Kaufman line, in fact, I don't even remember what it is (I'm terrible with fabric names). But it just matched so well! I think he'll be happy with it.

And to suit is blasé mood I topped it with a Kona solid (LOVE these solids) of dark grey. It's not called dark grey, I think it's called Charcoal, but whatever, it's awesome. I think it works well. Look at those happy little robots! I hope he likes it! Regardless, he better use it!

Once finished with the birthday present, the BBSK shipment, and the dresden plate I moved on to the next Building Blocks quilt. Neti of course helped ensuring my fabric didn't slip off the table. She's a great helper that way. (Sometimes a little too good, if you know what I mean).

Super excited about this one. My coworker is pregnant and right on cue with Baby Baker's mom! The timing couldn't be more perfect. I had a bunch of layer cake squares left from her quilt so I figured, I should just make another one for my coworker and hubby. Although it makes the baby sound like some sort of awesome DJ, I have lovingly been calling their soon-to-be born son, Baby F-M (future last name initials). I think it has a certain ring to it. Before I knew it I'd cranked out the whole top! I LOVE the blue pop on the sides. I got the backing and batting all ready to baste. Maybe I can get that done tonight after the office closes... we'll see.

 Sorry for the delay in blog posts, as you can see most of my time has been spent over my machine. And how! The hubby is excited that once this little quilt is finished his is up next. I think he's really looking forward to picking out his fabric. I am slightly terrified, but it's his quilt afterall. For a full-sized quilt he's now telling me I have to do all the quilting. I was not expecting that.

Three more days until Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see family. Now what knitting project should I take on the plane? Hmmm.... Happy Crafting!

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