Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spoiler Alert for Baby Grayson

The BBSK is FINISHED! Even the little extra surprise. How adorable is this stuffed elephant?!

I got the pattern from a good friend of mine. The elephant is so small my friend has made about 5 of them and turned them in to a little baby mobile, which is the cutest thing I've ever heard! I figure sending 5 elephants may be overkill, really, along with all the other gifts. I'm just so happy I finished the BBSK by the baby shower, I should have these put together and mailed mid-way through the week, getting them to Virginia in time for the shower. Yay! I feel so accomplished.

I keep walking by this elephant, who is standing on top of Baby Grayson's quilt and just oogling over him. The heart was a last minute decision and I'm so glad I added it, that teeny zig-zag just makes it for me. I love the pop of red on his adorable patterned body. Stuffing him was so much fun too. In fact, I have so much stuffing left over I may just have to make a million of these.

Plus, I found the fat quarter of fabric for the elephant in a massive pile at Pacific Fabrics here in Seattle. What an awesome find! The fabric matches so perfectly with the quilt. I washed and dried the quilt in order to ship and look at those wrinkles! That is absolutely my favorite part of quilting, getting that wrinkle. It just looks amazing.

Finally, the elusive baby sweater. I didn't even have time to post interim pictures of it. I have never knit this fast in my life. I started this on Monday! My hands were cramped last night finishing the collar but I love the look of it! I may have put that buttonhole a little too high, but it's pretty stretchy so I hope it works.

I also realized that seaming is not my best or most favorite part of knitting. If I can avoid it I will, but I'm satisfied with how this turned out.

I also sewed the buttons on the little booties. All the knits are blocking as we speak so I figure I've got at least a day before I can ship. I'm super proud of myself for finishing all these projects by the shower. I feel like this is a huge load off my back but I'm so tired today I'm not sure I can start a new project, which is very unlike me. I'll just take a quick break. The next quilt is calling me.

Happy Crafting!

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