Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank you, Grandma! & a Dresden Plate

Remember that post awhile ago about the puckering issue I kept having with the baby quilt? Well, I got a phone call not a day later from Grandma. She let me know, with all seriousness, that I was using the wrong foot and that I needed a walking foot. Of course! THANK YOU, GRANDMA! You were so right (aren't Grandma's the best?!). You can see that awesome walking foot below and how flat and straight those seams turned out! I love it. Totally worth it. But of course, this wouldn't be a proper story without some drama...

I looked through my Bernina book and saw the walking foot I needed. I remember using a similar (if not the same) one at Grandma's when sewing in the past. Cool. Easy. Well, I went in to Bernina that weekend and of course they are always so helpful, "What can we help you with today?" "Oh, well, I need a walking foot please for my 440QE". Both of the ladies looked at me, and then each other, like I was crazy. "Do you have any in?" I timidly filled the silence. "You should have gotten one of those with your machine. Did you open it here or at home?" I was stunned! I should have already had this?!! "Um... I opened it at home, brand new, but it was already threaded so I assume a tech must have oiled and threaded it for me." They kept asking me questions like I was trying to swindle them out of a walking foot. "Oh wait, I remember you picking up your machine!" (Thank goodness!). Long story short(ish) one of the ladies remembered me and they apologized that a walking foot wasn't included when it should have been. No problem, I just need one. And... they were out of stock!!!! Oh man! "They should be in in a week, we'll give you a call".

1 week passes.
2 weeks pass.

Luckily, I had other projects that didn't require the walking foot going (aka I cheated with binding and dealt with some wrinkles). I called in to see if they had any yet. Again, they remembered me and I think my insistence on getting this foot was humorous to them for some reason. Finally I got the call. I ran up, grabbed my foot and ran out. Time to sew!

And finally I got to use it! I've had it for about a week and just haven't been doing a lot quilting that required it until last night. I finished Devon's Dresden Plate! I hope you don't mind that I used you as a guinea-pig, Devon! I found a cool clover/flower quilting pattern and wanted to try it out. Again, far from perfect, but I got a rhythm toward the end and am really happy with the turnout. There are definitely some ugly-flowers, but hopefully Devon won't look too closely (Right, Devon?!).

Here's a picture of the back, I think that the quilting shows up better on this lightly printed yellow. Don't you think?

A close-up of the clovers.

And a close-up of the front. I love the color combos. Pretty muted. Should look good in her apartment (plus they were all scraps left from wedding fabrics).

You know, it's funny. I had a friend ask, "What's she going to do with that sized quilt?" and I whittily replied, "Put a basket of fruit on it in the middle of her table... or something like that". I think mini-quilts are pretty impractical but the instant gratification and honest practice time I get making them is TOTALLY worth it. I forsee many table and nightstand surfaces in my house, my sister's house, my parent's house, my grandma's house being daintily covered.

Oh! And, the hubby and I are picking out our Christmas tree and decorating on December 3rd! I've got Christmas fabrics on the way from for a paneled tree skirt. I was thinking of quilting it with the clovers above. What do you think?

But I'm getting ahead of myself:  Happy Thanksgiving!! and Happy Crafting.

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