Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I had to check in and let you in on some Christmas awesome-ness. Yes. Awesome-ness. As you can see below there is a very happy baby. No, he's not mine, he's the recipient of his made-for-Liam baby quilt! That's baby Liam!

How adorable is he?!! You may remember this post on building the stacked coins quilt for him just after his birth. Now six months old he's able to enjoy it. I didn't actually get to see him in Virginia while the hubby and I were there for Christmas. I was sick over the holidays and time went so fast I didn't have the chance. I am so sad I didn't get to squeeze on him but I am happy to get all these pictures from his mom. Apparently he's enjoying his gift.

Here's a reminder of the front piecing, just in case you forgot. Sweet Little Liam has been spending his afternoons rolling around on the polka dot side of things, aka the backing. I'm in love with that side more too, I've gotta say. I think he looks great with it!

It's so awesome to see something I made get loved and used. It totally made my week to get these pictures. I was also asked how to clean it because he'd already... let's say... got super excited after a full meal. No worries, so glad he's loving to play on it.

I spent last Saturday on Bainbridge Island (le sigh) and FELL IN LOVE with some new fabric. I have now convinced the hubby to let me do a small, lap quilt "practice run" of the One Block Wonder pattern to make sure it's all good before making a king sized quilt for him. What a guy! Pictures soon, I have all my triangles cut and ready to sew!

Happy Crafting!

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