Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Block Wonder Finished

The kaleidoscope One Block Wonder is finished! I just flew through this project. It was so inspiring I just couldn't not work on it. Those snow days sure helped a lot too.

I know in all reality you've seen each and every piece of this quilt as it was basted, so the only real new item is the binding in white with little blue polka dots and the quilting.

I did a wave pattern on each diagonal through the quilt. The center is so busy I didn't think a crazy quilt design would really shine. With all of the spins and twists the center gave I wanted to keep true to the original design of the fabric and incorporate a really structured geometric shape. If you remember,the fabric itself had all these beautiful flowers and then all of these geo-shapes clustered in the background. I went with a simple grid pattern on the border of the quilt. It gives the eyes a place to settle-- the middle!

Whallah! All done! It took two movies to finish that binding. An afternoon well spent.

I am more and more in love with the backing. I have a tendency to overdo it when it comes to color (ask the hubby). It just seemed to fit so perfectly though and boy how! I LOVE it! 

So I finished the One Block Wonder! Now what? I am at a total loss for the next project. I have a feeling I will be digging out a quilt kit that has been set aside for two years. It is finally calling me.

Happy Crafting!


  1. I loved how those block turned out - so pretty.

  2. Love the backing. Your quilting was just right for the business of the quilt. I want to try a OBW but haven't worked up my nerve or found the perfect fabric, yet.

  3. Where can i get a pattern for this quilt?

  4. Ordered the book. Just wanted to tell you that I think you did an absolutely amazing job with this quilt! Not only is it gorgeous, but you have created an heirloom....really! Can't wait to find the right fabric to start my own. Any suggestions??

    1. Thank you so much! I fell in LOVE with the panel I found, the colors were perfect. I don't think it actually qualified as the perfect fabric for a OBW though. The best you can do is find colors that speak to you and rely less on the pattern of the fabric. In the book (so helpful, by the way, good purchase) the author mentions finding the ugliest fabric to get the most beautiful kaliedoscope. There are great directions in the book on what to look for. Enjoy and send pictures once you get it put together!