Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's been slow going on this project. Too many little squares and so much preparation just to get pretty little HSTs. I am super enjoying the process though, which is a big improvement. I typically just like to get to the part where I hold it up for the hubby and say "look what I did!". I'm learning to appreciate each step (even ironing). I finished sewing the white blocks to the patterned blocks. I then spent an afternoon perfectly cutting those squares in to four triangles, like a PB&J sandwich for a kid. See how many triangles I ended up with?!

After seeing how many little triangles I now had to iron open I took a break and went for a moped ride up to Ballard with the hubby for dinner at Ocho. Think delicious tapas. Yum... tapas. Upon my return I set up station at the ironing board and began opening up my little creations.

I think they look great! I love all the colors and variety of the prints. But now comes the hard part and I am completely undecided. What do I do with all these adorable little HSTs?! I need some help deciding.

Here are some options of what I'm thinking:

Option#1: Total Symmetry

This option is super appealing to me because I LOVE symmetry. Especially built out of so many colors. I'd most likely do a color mash-up. Mixing and matching the patterned triangles but having everything point the same direction and line up row for row, column for column. I think it would lend itself well to the patterns and be more fabric focused.

Option #2: Zig-zag

I ADORE this option. I could even break up the zigzags into color coded zigzags. So one zig-zag would be blue, one green, one red, and line them up rainbow order. I like that idea a lot, but I feel like it takes away from the HST look. But it's so cool!

Option #3: Trailing HSTs

This idea may not look much different from Option #1 and it's hard to get the message across with just the squares I laid out, but I'll try. This would be similar to #1 except that I would trail in the HSTs from one corner to the other. I'd start with 1, then 2, then 3 and I'd keep them in color order. So that first HST would be white and I would trail the quilt diagonally increasing in color order. I think this would lend itself to the HST camp while moving your eye from light to dark in color, not necessarily in value.

(le sigh). I just don't know which one to pick!! I would like to start piecing it this weekend but what to do?! I asked the hubby. He looked at me with terror on his face and said, "that's like me asking you which size jet to use in my carburetor". Point taken.

Happy Crafting!

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