Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Quilting

In desparate need of a sister's weekend I flew to Chicago to visit the one and only sister of mine. It was COLD and that's a little weird to say seeing as Seattle is usually still chilly this time of year. It was actually 20 degrees colder in Chicago! Regardless we did spend the day running around doing some scouting for wedding pictures (hence the park below) and choosing linens and looking for photographers and... well, the list continues.

While in Chicago the sister and I did what we do best-- vegetate. Either this blog or my constant chatter or a recent Seattle trip which included snuggling in my own T-shirt quilt inspired Devon to make one for herself and our brother. Ok, maybe it was the fact that the brother cleaned out his clothes for Goodwill. The brother's was up first. Devon had done SO MUCH! She was much more methodical than I, placing interfacing under each T-shirt and sewing them all together. We even spent time on the phone together calculating how much quilt batting and backing she would need. She even basted it! And then she stopped.

I haven't been able to get over to Bainbridge yet to get a new knitting project (a very particular one is in mind) so I went to Chicago empty handed. Devon seemed hesitant to quilt, as she never has before, and I know the feeling. With ants in my pants for a project while vegging I asked if I could quilt our brother's blanket and of course, Devon said yes.


A day of guilty pleasures (see the Lindsay Lohan version of Parent Trap up there?) and quilting with my sister. Things could NOT have been better. It was the best day ever!! And not only did I show her how to quilt, fix her machine of an annoying bobbin threading issue, but I also bound and finished the quilt!

It was pretty much the best when, while stretching my back and getting a cup of tea I overheard my sister and her fiance discussing my work. Fiance: "That was so fast!" Sister: "Well, she does this all the time, this was easy for her." Fiance: "You should get ours ready and when she's here next month see if she'll quilt that one". Haha! It's so nice to get recognized for something you are so passionate about. The hubby has to put up with my "look at this! look at this!" but these guys don't. Like I said, it was pretty much the perfect day.

I am now inspired to get quilting on my next project! I'm almost there! I'm a bit farther ahead than what you see below.

I have a quilting plan in mind that I am dying to try-- the orange peel. I just need to get to that point. The goal? Finish piecing tonight and spend the weekend quilting. Thanks again to Devie and the fiance for hosting me over the weekend. Devon, get that next blanket ready, I will see you in 21 days!

Happy Crafting!

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