Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craft Hell

Forgive the long delay in blog posts. The hubby and I have been in a state of disarray due to THIS...

In case you can't tell, yes. That's our apartment. No, we have no living space. Yes, they took EVERYTHING from us. Yes, that bottom picture is where my sewing table used to be :(

Our apartment complex has decided it's time for constuction to replace all windows, update the patio, and generally ruin our summer, or at least the next 8 weeks of it (that's all of Seattle's summer). All of our windows are blocked out, meaning we can't see outside at all which has been incredibly eerie. Shucks.

Ok, enough complaining. This is the reason, however, for the sewing hiatus. I also did the stupidest thing ever and had the movers pack my feet! Sewing feet, that is. I thought I was being super smart by holding on to the Bernina and a basted quilt. I even held back the tea cup to hold the safety pins as I remove them while quilting, but alas, the feet slipped my mind. I think the hubby and I are going storage unit hunting. Wish us luck!

I do have some exciting events planned for Thursday that will post soon after. A crafty girl needs some outlets! I have just the one in store. More soon, the posts may just be a bit slower than usual.

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