Monday, July 30, 2012

Stitch 'N Pitch

With the apartment down for the count I've been trying to source new places for working on crafts. Being home is depressing. So this year was my first annual Stitch 'N Pitch!

Picture yourself, if you will, in your local major league baseball stadium. Three whole sections of the stadium have been sold out to knitters working on projects of all shapes, sizes, and species (found a lady working with some raw alpaca that was awesome!).

It was an epic experience. The Mariners played the KC Royals (that's a shout out to you, Auntie Lou!). We had hundreds of knitters working on projects. There were even some booths with all the food vendors selling yarn. Beautiful displays! I didn't buy anything, but I sure did gawk.

It was my very first time in Safeco field. I don't really have anyone who knits or anyone who loves baseball, so I struck out on my own. I called Dad on the way, an avid baseball fan, wishing he was there with me, knitting and all. It made me miss home and family and recall the days we used to go to Cardinals games together. I treated myself to a hot dog and soda for old times' sake. You may not believe this but you can actually get amazing sushi at this stadium. Seattle-ites do love their food and the stadium was gorgeous! It was the perfect day for a game.

This was the view from the yarn booths and food vendors. Man I love this city.

I worked diligently on that baby sweater I just can't seem to finish. I had to frog one of the sleeves but I just picked up where I left of. In between chants of "Charge!" and clapping I continued to work on that bumpy lace pattern. I think it's turned out super adorable. I got a good chunk done at the game.

Stitch 'N Pitch was a blast! Next year I'm gonna make sure the sister is out for it, or something! Games are way more fun with family and friends. I had a blast though, I will definitely be doing this again.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi, I don't know if you went the meet up with the SMQG and the OR and BC groups and if so, if i met you! LOL But I was there and live in Seattle. Let me know if you were. Send me an email,

    Great shots from the stitch and pitch!


  2. Michelle! I wasn't at the SMQG with the whole gang this weekend. I was super bummed about it, but already had plans to spend a weekend on Orcas Island with the hubby for our 1st year wedding anniversary! I couldn't really pass that up. I'm anxious for the next sew-in, maybe we'll meet there!