Monday, July 9, 2012

I Don't Want to Put my Toys Away!!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the warm sunny weather. I'm sure everyone just crumbled at that. Seattle actually has some of the nicest weather right now in the country. I still stand by that it's "hot" here. For no air conditioning it's hot.

A lot has transpired here in my little craft haven over the past few days and I was hoping to share. First off, look at this quilt!

Also look at who thinks it's hers! Haha. This quilt was made for the hubby and I by my Grandmother. Amazing quilter, isn't she?! She's the one who got me started on all this and look at the constant inspiration she lends me. I only ever want to be as good as she is, and I have a ways to go.

We love the quilt, Grandma! We can't get the cat off of it. It even smells like home, so the cat and I have spent quite a lot of time this weekend rolling around and enjoying it on our bed. Perfect fit! Thanks so much. We love it.

Next up? My fabric for the swoon quilt came! I have just tucked it away for now but am using Moda's Quilt Blocks collection as my base. It's super geometric, which I love, and colorful without being overwhelming (a compromise for the hubby and my taste differences). This will be a king size swoon with 16 blocks as opposed to the 9 the pattern is built for. I have some math to do and figure this one will take ages to finish. Exciting!

But before I start the swoon quilt I had one more baby quilt to knock out so I can visit the parents prior to her birth. Baby K&K's quilt was put together over the weekend. As you can see below, I had to share a bit of space with a moped-enthusiast.

A typical weekend afternoon at our place. It left me plenty of room to get everything cut out and ready. This included my base as well as my circles. I would still be cutting these out if not for my rotary tool. I love this thing! Cannot live without it. Look at those perfect circles.

After all that hard work of cutting out the circles and applique-ing them on I just had to cut them in half! It was slightly painful at first, but quickly became fun as I warped all the angles for complete randomness in the final pattern. I used Moda's "Serenade" fabric.

Neti helped with the layout design. Thankfully she sat by until I finished and just helped me keep them in place.

Then I chained them together. She held these in place as well, though she may have been just sitting in front of the fan. It was pretty hot in that apartment between rare Seattle sun, a steaming iron, and a warm sewing machine. We were roasting!

I also triumphantly was able to baste on my tiny kitchen floor again. Yay!

Then things got bad.

We are having construction done on our building. New windows, new siding, a new wall. Tragedy! This means they will be taping off the hubby's project room and mine for up to four weeks with no access. They are also covering all of the windows so not a single view of the sound or sun. They are sending movers in this Friday to pack up and take our stuff so we have a bit of livable space during the whole thing. I am completely freaking out.

I got everything torn down. Neti helped organize. I kept all my knitting needles, two skeins of yarn, the basted quilt, my machine, and some pins and needles, plus my little baby scissors. That gives me three projects to do during the chaos. One of which will be quilting on the coffee table. I don't want to give it all up! I can feel the stress taking over.

To combat this stress I have piled all quilts together as a "site of sanity" in the living room. They can't touch these! 

It is a great site having all my quilts together (note: not all were made by me. Second from the bottom was made by my great great grandmother, the sky blue one by my cousin Carol, and the one on top by Grandma, it's the one that always hangs on my wall above my sewing machine).

It's going to be a long time before I get that swoon started. A month without sewing gives me chills. I guess this means I'll have to go outside this summer. Shucks.

Happy Crafting!

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