Monday, January 21, 2013

Pieces Galore!

I spent the majority of the weekend hanging with the brother and hubby and not crafting. When they were fully immersed in video games, however, I would sneak over to my sewing table and cut fabric while interjecting clever, relevant comments about the game. Cutting seems to be all I've done for weeks now! Totally worth it, though. I finally finished cutting!! Disclaimer: Sashing has not yet been cut yet do to some strategic placement needed on my part. I have some math to work out once all my blocks are together. Regardless, CUTTING DONE!

Look at all those squares and rectangles! Yay! Once finished I took a quick break and then quickly laid out what one block would need.

Look at that! All those squares/rectangles needed for just one block. Sixteen to go! I didn't start the sewing yet but everything is ready to go. I anticipate putting together a minimum of three blocks this coming weekend. Can't wait to see it form. I think the boys find me slightly insane counting blocks and constantly referring to the pattern. Soon they will see it's totally worth it. 

Happy Crafting!

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