Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Filing" Away Some Tools

The Problem: A lot of tools, a little space, and some fancy metal files (not the paper kind) that were hard to tuck away.

The Solution: A fancy carrying bag made by yours-truly to "file" away the tools (haha, bad pun).

I set to work by asking the hubby to gather all of his files and hand them over. He had zero input on what it should look like or how handy it should be, so I went with my gut and started drafting. I started by laying out the files in a pattern I felt was pleasing to the eye; which to my eye, is height order.

I then measured them to see how big of pockets I would need, on average, to make them all fit. I also measured how far down I would want the pockets to rise up (which created a need for a separate pocket for those teeni-tiny files), how far down I wanted the flap to cover the top, and how many extra pockets to add in case of future file purchases.

The hubby did ask that the fabric be durable, so I went with a really sturdy linen that I had random scraps of. I also had to throw in some scraps of robots because I will not be blamed for making a boring item! 100% Scrap-made! Yahoo!

Neti helped test the durability of the fabric as I pieced it.

I must have gotten carried away in putting it together because I have no piecing photos! All of a sudden, it was just done.
(Inside, flap open)
(Outside, flap open)
Rolled up tight

I then called the hubby over to fill the bag with his goodies. I think it turned out awesome! (Sidenote: You may notice that the strings to tie it shut are on the same side of the bag, whereas in a previous picture there was one on either side. That was a mistake on my part, which I quickly fixed, the hubby none the wiser. Below is correct.)

He loves it! That's one happy hubby and that's one happy tool bag. He immediately started taking pictures and sending them to his buddies, bragging about his cool file holder that no one else had.

The hubby was also mortified that the files made it dirty. I told him to get over it. Tools are dirty and it's washable.

More baby quilts soon to come. My dear friends K&K are pregnant with a girl- their first! They live just on the other side of the mountains and I need to visit... and bring a quilt. I have the pattern all picked out, now I have to find the fabric. Also, Baby Cousin was born on Saturday night! How exciting! I have decided to hold on to the gifts until they make it back to the USA. I hope to meet Baby Cousin in August or September and present her with her gifts. Update on that sweater coming soon!

Happy Crafting!

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