Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Sneak Sweater Peak

A sneak peak at the sweater for Baby Cousin. It's a lot of progress! But... in the grand scheme of things, is it really? The pattern at first was daunting and the picture doesn't show it very well. After that great eyelet yoke there there is a leaf pattern below it. I have since got a great "mental pause" system going that has made it mistake free. It's looking great! 

I am totally in love with the yarn. I went way overboard on the pink for Baby Cousin. I just found out that Baby K&K is a girl! I'm not really feeling the pink anymore, though, due to my previous binge. I may go purple or yellow. Maybe green. Plus, that little baby's mama isn't what you'd call a fainting lady. I've seen her pin full grown men to the wall before (she works in the penal system). That's going to be one tough baby!

I also just bought gobs of fabric for an enlarged Swoon Quilt. I've been dying to make one of these and finally just broke down and purchased fabric. So excited!! Since that purchase I am now on a spending hiatus. I have plenty of projects to finish and get started. No more fabric! For awhile anyways.

Happy Crafting!

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