Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilt Envy

When recently showing off the car seat quilt at work to coworkers, it was greeted with quilt envy from a recent new mom. "What a clever idea! He's always kicking off his blanket!" Well, I heard only one thing, "Can I have one please?" EASY!

I set to work! The coworker even picked out a pattern from a smattering I pulled up at work and showed her. Color was her only request. Something bright and cheerful. I kind of followed that rule. I found "Summersville" quilt line from Moda and fell in love! Little cars, the alphabet, perfect for a little growing boy, especially for one in the car.

I text the fabric to his mom and got the go ahead! Apparently, I was itching to quilt. Fabric purchased Friday afternoon 2:00 pm. Fabric cut Friday evening. Piecing begins.

Saturday morning, piecing finished. Saturday afternoon, quilting begins.

I chose another new free motion pattern called River Rock. It's super organic in nature and allows for "mess-up's" to look intentional. Warning: this pattern will EAT thread. Glad I had a 500 m roll on hand.

I love the look! Saturday evening, quilting finished. A quick break for dinner was in order.

The large white border I quilted with a straight line to offset all of the circles. There was so much empty space on this quilt it needed a lot of quilting to show it off. I had a blast filling in every inch.

Neti helped trim the edges and prep for binding.

Warning! Gratuitous cat photos.

Saturday night, midnight, I put the finishing touches on the quilt, which included the name tag for the little guy receiving this awesomely colorful, crazily quilted, squishy quilt.

I LOVE how it turned out. The alphabet print is a new favorite. I have a pinch left over so I'll end up working it in to something, I'm sure. It was a LONG day and a half quilting but I'm getting faster and faster. Plus, I finially made a quilt that I could baste on my kitchen floor! No apartment lobby necessary! Hurrah! I've got fabric at home for (another) baby quilt. I also have fabric coming for a king size Swoon quilt! Can't wait!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Gorgeous. Well done! Love the pics of Neti "helping".