Wednesday, June 13, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go!

Two weeks ago I was able to spend a full week at what I like to call Home Home. This is my parents' home in Illinois, therefore it's not my home anymore, but it's my home home aka original home. You can never really stop calling it home, no matter how long you've been gone. It was a week away from the computer and anything with a screen (minus the TV and occassionaly some house hunting with the parents on Dad's IPad). But of course, this meant saying goodbye to the cat.

While at Home Home I got to sneak away while the parents were at work and spend a major amount of time with Grandma!! YAY! Pretty much the best week ever. She has an epic sewing room, which I now realize I probably should have gotten pictures of. Ironically, we have the exact same sewing machine! She pulled out a loner for me during my time there so we could sew together. It's older but just as fancy-pants and I had no issues using it. Well, I take that back. Neither Grandma or I could figure out how to wind the bobbin.

Here was our set-up. Perfect for chatting and sewing together. Grandma is on the left there but refused to have her picture taken.

The project of the week was the stroller/car seat baby quilt for Baby Cousin. She is due at the end of this month. I'm also working on that sweater for her, which is slow going so no updates yet. I think I'm going to wait for the Cousin's to come back to America before handing over the gifts, which will be about 2 months after the baby is born. It's probably going to take me that long to get that sweater knit.

I used a Moda Charm Pack from "Walk in the Woods" by Aneela Hoey which have little girls in red capes out on adventures! Knowing her parents, this will be an adventure having little girl, so it was only appropriate. 

The plan all starting coming together with the layout, which I loved! The pattern is so simple yet looks kinda hard. Those are the best kind. I laid everything out on the floor like I do at home. I think Grandma thought I was little weird on my hands and knees down there, but I'm just much more comfortable on the ground.

The quilting then began. At this point I had somehow convinced Grandma to let me switch to her machine for the quilting aspect of it. I did a lot of free motion quilting with the BSR and wasn't about to even try it on the older Bernina. Since we have the same machine it was like being home. I was super comfortable. Plus, the quilt is so small it didn't take long to get all the quilting finished.

During our frequent breaks for snacks and naps and dinner out on the town, I mentioned a couple long term projects I had in mind but was keeping to myself (and Grandma). She said, "oh yes, I think you'd mentioned that one before. I've saved all my selvage for you". And how! Look at that bag of selvege! (Thanks, Grandma!) 

And yes, I did get that in my tiny suitcase for the way back home. I finished the binding while watching a movie with the family and tadah! Finished! Don't you love the ties?! That will be helpful in securing this little quilt to the stroller or carseat. Genius! (not my genius, I copied)

My time at Home Home flew by rapidly but I was so glad to get back to the roots. It's nice being home now, but only because it's time to start the next project (and I'll admit, I missed the hubby, who complained about me being gone mostly because he was terrorized by the cat for a whole week).

As for the next project, I have a few up in the air. I'm thinking about getting some muslin to start some selvege blocks now that I have a massive quantity of them. I still have this one to quilt as well as some coworker envy over the stroller/carseat quilt above as she's just had a baby. I'm looking forward to this weekend already!

Happy Crafting!

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