Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elation! & Orcas Island

It's been forever! Unfortunately, not much has changed. We are still wrought with construction and obstruction of our apartment space. Crafts have been on a standstill.

Don't worry! This is no gloom and doom post. The hubby and I just celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary! To celebrate we treated ourselves to a weekend on Orcas Island. First off, this is a picture heavy post, and secondly, this is one of the most serene and beautiful places I have ever been.

A 2.5 hour drive north from Seattle takes you to Anacortes, WA where you hop on a ferry for just over an hour of winding between tiny islands before you arrive on Orcas. It feels incredibly secluded. Orcas Island is one of the islands in the grouping called the San Juan Islands. I've lived in Seattle for four years now and JUST got up here. It's a chore to get there, but the ferry ride alone is well worth it.

Our first morning on the island we drove up to Moran State Park.

And hiked up to the top of Mt. Constitution.

This was my favorite place visited. Look at this view! We could even see Canada.

Me & the hubby on top of Mt. Constitution's watch tower

The exersion of the trip (haha!) demanded a relaxing afternoon at the Rosario Mansion sitting out by the pool. Couldn't you just live here?! 

The backside of the mansion

And of course, the ferry ride home to Seattle was all too soon but oh so beautiful. We made the ferry ride on Friday night before and missed a lot of the homes tucked away within the islands. It was just breathtaking.

We came home rested (sunburned) and back to construction. One of my favorite things to do while traveling is visiting the local fabric and knit shops. Orcas has NONE! Can you believe it? I spoke with an avid knitter on the island, who also happened to be our B&B owner, and she said that the community just doesn't support those specialized of shops and so most of their shopping is done online or on the mainland, Bellingham and such. So sad!

Well, once back home I had the itch to sew (and quite the time crunch). This weekend I'm headed to Yakima, WA to visit some friends who are expecting their first! You may remember Baby K&K being mentioned in this post. Well, you may also remember that I have her quilt completely basted and sent my feet away to storage while our apartment is being destroyed.

I took my sister's advice and went digging.

You were right, Devon. I found it in under an hour. First column from the left, second box down. Elation!!!! I'm now off to buy some thread and get started! I'll find a spot to quilt... somewhere.

Happy Crafting!

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