Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini-Quilts Delivered & More

The mini-quilts have arrived safe and sound in Chicago! Yay! Since there is no reason not to share, as spoilers have clearly been revealed, here the are the pictures of the seasonal mini-quilts sent to the sister. Please forgive the picture quality. I still can't find my camera so these are via phone.
Winter! (my favorite)



So there you have it! Mini-quilts sent. I was literally on the phone with Devon when they arrived and she had the audacity to immediately ask for all holidays: Easter, Valentines Day, Presidents Day (if you can call that a holiday). I told her I'd see what I could do :) I just can't say no to my sister.

On a separate finished note, after posting on the star quilt being finished I threw it in the wash. Immediately out of the drier I stretched it out for a look. As I was smoothing it out over the bed a certain someone moved in. She has NEVER moved in this quickly. It wasn't out of the drier two minutes. I think its warmth was a bonus. She spent a good hour there. The hubby kept saying "she just loves your work!" haha.

I then threw a label on it and got it ready for the office.

In the office!

See? That wall was just begging for a quilt.

Once hung it was time to move on. Remember Baby Liam from here? Well, he's getting a sister! She's due in January and since we'll be in VA for part of Christmas I'll get to see the family and present Baby Hailey's quilt. SO EXCITED!

Look at those little narwhals!! I couldn't resist. All those boy clothes and Liam's mom needs some pink in her life! I found a fabric with mermaids and knew I need not look any further. I went with a girly nautical theme. 
I fussy cut the mermaid fabric which introduces whales and octopi as center blocks. It's in the early stages but this weekend should give me a good crack at it.

This is another quilt where I realized after the fact that I should have bought double fabric and made this quilt for me. I LOVE mermaids. Oh well, let's see how this one turns out first.
Happy Crafting!

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